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Three Advantages to Using a Recruiting Firm Such as TPI:

  1. Time –  For many small to mid-sized engineering firms, growth is a necessary part of success. Time, however, is not a luxury in the life of an engineering manager. Using a recruiting firm, such as TPI, puts the responsibility and work load on experienced recruiters that are knowledgeable, not only in the engineering industry climate, but, also in the local candidate pool. Our recruiters have relationships with candidates of all trades and backgrounds, including those not actively searching for new positions. Utilizing the relationships of TPI recruiters will maximize the potential of a quick turnaround, allowing managers to stay focused on more pressing issues without skipping a beat.

  2. Money –   In many engineering contract and contract to hire positions, overtime is not an option, rather a way of life. TPI offers strait time billing for 44 hours per week and only going up to time and a quarter for any hours after that. In addition, client companies pay no benefits or compensation, which would include FICA, Workman’s Compensation, Unemployment Insurance, holidays, health insurance, etc. These fees are all covered in the negotiated hourly fee. If that were not enough, TPI offers no charge if a candidate does not work to manager’s satisfaction within the first week. That’s our 40-hour guarantee.

  3. Convenience –   Using a recruiting firm allows the hiring manager to try out a candidate on a contract basis prior to bringing them on full time. In addition, there is no finder’s fee when the candidate converts to full time after six months. Using TPI enables a company to keep their headcount at a lower level as a contractor is an official employee of TPI not the client company. Contractors be beneficial in situations such as excessive work load, temporary projects, filling in for a full time employee on extended leave, etc.

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