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Direct Hire:

When hiring full-time engineering staff, TechniPower’s advanced and innovative recruitment process can help you to reduce your direct hire timeline and the costs associated with staffing a full-time position.

  • You tell us about the position and when you would like your new hire to start. We qualify and reference check all candidates prior to putting their resume on your desk.

  • You let us know your availability to conduct initial interviews. We schedule the interview based on your timeline and handle all communication with the candidates.

  • You give us your feedback. We manage the hiring process with you, from recruitment all the way through compensation negotiation, facilitating offer acceptance and selecting a start date.

Taking advantage of TechniPower’s resources for your direct hire needs will reduce the hiring time to as little as a few weeks, saving you months of lost productivity and cost versus staffing the engineering position on your own.


When hiring engineering staff on a contract-to-hire basis, TechniPower offers distinct advantages in productivity, cost, and convenience.

  • Candidates are prescreened and reference checked prior to submission, per the positions requirements set forth by your standards.

  • With a six-month contract period you are able to assess the top candidates’ abilities and cultural fit within your organization prior to bringing them on full time.

  • Contract employees are paid hourly and there is no additional fee when the conversion takes place after the six-month contract period.

Taking advantage of TechniPowers vast candidate network and knowledge of the hiring market will provide rapid and effective placement, saving you hours of resume sourcing and interviewing allowing you to once again focus your time on growing your business.