Our Goal

Our goal is to help you increase productivity, revenue and the level of technical expertise needed to keep your competitive edge. We service clients that range from start-ups to large companies; service industries to manufacturing and OEM’s throughout the country. With historically low unemployment numbers, finding skilled qualified technical experts is becoming increasingly difficult for hiring managers. Let us help you by doing the leg work required to find and vet technical experts. TechniPower/TechniForce takes great pride in the integrity of our service. We differentiate ourselves from other firms by our first-hand qualification of both the job and the candidates prior to ever submitting a resume. Beyond reference checks and background screening, we talk to each candidate about skills, tasks and experience to make sure it’s a winning fit for both parties.

Overtime Billing Incentives

TechniPower offers excellent overtime breaks to our clients; we bill straight time through 44 hours and 1 1/3 for hours worked beyond 44 hours in a normal work week (40 hours); except in California where hours worked over 8 hours in a day can constitute O/T for the candidate and client.

If you are a hiring manager, it is important to note that we reference check each candidate we submit and offer a 40 hour/1st week guarantee on all of the candidates we place.

To submit your job order online, please complete our job order submission form.